Signing With Joy

Signing With Joy

Mobile Notary Services


Payment accepted: Cash, Credit Card, or PayPal (PayPal payments add $1.00 to order)

Fees: Only $10* per general notarized signature. (State of California standard for all Notaries.) Travel charge for most LA areas is $25-50.

  • Loan Documents begin at $100
  • First Set of Loan Documents Starting at $100
  • Second Set of Loan Documents $50
  • Third Set of Loan Documents $50
  • E-mail Loan Documents (Includes Borrower’s Copy) $25
  • Copies to Borrower (Overnighted Documents) $25
  • Pick-up and Drop-off of Loan Documents $25
  • Fee for No Show or Refusal to Sign $25
  • Please call or email for a price quote for loan signings.
  • Fees are based on location of signing, number of loan packages and whether the documents are electronic or overnight.

*All notarization fees are based on the California statutory code. Travel charges are additional and are calculated for each individual appointment as a separate fee from the notarization depending on location. To allow for expedient notarization without incurring additional fees, please be certain all documents are appropriately completed.